Project Portfolio: Tunisia

Project Name Approval Date ISA(s) Amount (US$)
Public Employment Services: From a Mass to a Client-Oriented Approach September 26, 2018 AfDB $2,560,000
Technical Assistance to Enhance Gas Sector Governance and Competitiveness May 23, 2017 WB $3,500,000
Youth in Public Life: Towards open and inclusive youth engagement (Tunisia Activities) May 30, 2016 OECD $1,456,000
Supporting the Design and Implementation of Economic and Social Reforms for Inclusive Growth in Tunisia through Capacity Building in Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation May 30, 2016 AfDB/OECD $4,653,270
Towards inclusive and open governments: Promoting women’s participation in parliaments and policy-making (Tunisia Activities) May 30, 2016 OECD $850,975
Optimising and Monitoring Employment in Infrastructure Investments December 8, 2015 EIB $609,500
Broadband Internet and ICT for Education Acceleration Project December 8, 2015 WB $3,791,250
Implementing priority public actions to enhance competitiveness and improve public services in Tunisia through an innovative and efficient delivery mechanism. December 8, 2015 WB $1,888,900
Enhancing governance and economic growth in Tunisia: promoting transparency and integrity in public procurement May 18, 2015 AfDB $2,528,900
Development of SMEs Exports Through Virtual Market Places (Tunisia Activities) February 11, 2014 WB $1,000,000
Regional Affordable Housing Project (Tunisia Activities) December 31, 2013 AMF/WB $2,110,460
Regional Integration through Trade and Transport Corridors (Tunisia Activities) December 5, 2013 EIB $3,800,000
Enhancing Domestic Resource Mobilisation through Effective Tax System Design and Improved Transparency and International Cooperation December 5, 2013 AfDB/OECD $1,882,565
Strengthening the Employability of Youth during Tunisia’s Transition to a Green Economy July 22, 2013 IsDB/OECD $4,475,000
Tunisian Energy Reform Plan June 7, 2013 OFID $3,836,000
Social Protection Reforms Support Project May 15, 2013 WB $5,055,000
Developing Leadership Capacity (CANCELLED) April 1, 2013 AfDB $0
Logismed soft project (Tunisia Activities) February 20, 2013 EIB $1,007,648
Set-up of Tunisia Investment Authority February 20, 2013 IFC/OECD $1,900,000
Operationalizing Public Private Partnerships February 20, 2013 AfDB/OECD $2,300,000