Project Portfolio: Jordan

Project Name Approval Date ISA(s) Amount (US$)
Jordan Open Government Partnership National Action Plan May 23, 2017 OECD $1,300,000
Jordan PIM-PPP Reform May 23, 2017 WB $600,000
Promoting Financial Inclusion Policies in Jordan May 23, 2017 WB $1,200,000
Youth in Public Life: Towards open and inclusive youth engagement (Jordan Activities) May 30, 2016 OECD $1,456,000
Strengthening Municipal Financial Management Systems to Sustain Service Delivery in Municipalities Affected by the Refugee Crisis Project May 30, 2016 WB $3,050,000
Supporting Jordan to improve SME policy effectiveness through better coordination, consultation, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms December 8, 2015 OECD $1,297,500
Support Jordan’s ongoing decentralisation efforts by promoting good governance and open government policies and practices with a focus on municipalities December 8, 2015 OECD $1,950,000
Jordan Economic Legislation Reform December 8, 2015 WB $3,100,000
National Center for Innovation, Higher Council for Science and Technology May 18, 2015 EBRD $2,600,430
Leveraging Regulatory Reforms to Advance Financial Inclusion (Jordan Activities) May 18, 2015 IFC $750,000
Towards inclusive and open governments: Promoting women’s participation in parliaments and policy-making (Jordan Activities) May 18, 2015 OECD $633,333
Jordan Competitiveness and Investment Technical Assistance June 11, 2014 OECD/WB $2,115,000
Integrated Inspection Management System June 11, 2014 IFC $2,992,105
Development of SMEs Exports Through Virtual Market Place (Jordan Activities) February 11, 2014 WB $1,000,000
Enhancing Governance and Strengthening the Regulatory and Institutional Framework for MSME Development December 5, 2013 WB $3,235,000
Promoting financial inclusion via mobile financial services in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (Jordan Activities) December 5, 2013 EIB $426,000
SME Growth Program July 22, 2013 EIB $3,850,000
Support to Building Active Labor Market Program May 15, 2013 WB $5,000,000
Regional Integration through Trade and Transport Corridors (Jordan Activities) May 15, 2013 EIB $2,630,000
National Unified Registry and Outreach Worker Program for Targeting Social Assistance February 20, 2013 WB $10,000,000
Reliable Water Quality for Jordan December 11, 2012 EBRD $1,545,000