Project Portfolio: Egypt

Project Name Approval Date ISA(s) Amount (US$)
Strengthening Capacity of the Administrative Control Agency to Combat Corruption in Egypt May 23, 2017 AfDB $3,500,000
Supporting Public-Private Partnership Execution in Egypt July 5, 2016 EBRD $2,406,200
Enhancing Social Housing Governance Project May 30, 2016 WB $2,503,970
Building Capacity and Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of International Cooperation December 8, 2015 AfDB $4,455,000
Enhancing the Investment Climate in Egypt, through Equal Access and Simplified Environment for Investment and Fostered Investment Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework May 18, 2015 OECD/WB $9,521,000
Leveraging Regulatory Reform to Advance Financial Inclusion (Egypt Activities) May 18, 2015 IFC $950,000
Towards inclusive and open governments: Promoting women’s participation in parliaments and policy-making (Egypt Activities) May 18, 2015 OECD $633,333
Strengthening the Rule of Law: Enhancing Effective and Transparent Delivery of Justice and Rule-Making June 11, 2014 AfDB/OECD $4,121,000
Support to Parliament: Building Capacity and Mainstreaming Inclusive Growth and Decentralization in Egypt June 11, 2014 AfDB $2,920,000
Clearing & Settlement Depositary System for Government Securities June 11, 2014 EBRD $3,851,900
Inclusive Regulations for Microfinance Project June 11, 2014 WB $4,505,000
Promoting Financial Inclusion via Mobile Financial Services in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (Egypt Activities) - CANCELLED December 5, 2013 EIB $56,000
Green Growth: Industrial Waste Management and SME Entrepreneurship Hub May 15, 2013 AfDB $2,000,000
Energy/Social Safety Nets Sector Reforms Technical Assistance Project May 15, 2013 WB $7,097,200
Regional Integration through Trade and Transport Corridors (Egypt Activities) May 15, 2013 EIB $4,230,000
Logismed soft project (Egypt Activities) February 20, 2013 EIB $1,008,014
MSME Support Programme and the Social Fund for Development February 20, 2013 EBRD $2,936,080
Support to MSME in Organic Clusters February 20, 2013 AfDB $2,000,000