Roster of Experts

A Roster of Experts (ROE) provides the Steering Committee with independent technical advice on funding proposals and screens them based on the selection criteria in the Operations Manual. The ROE consists of a network of experts independent of any institution involved in the Transition Fund. 

The participants of this network are selected by the Steering Committee (based on a recommendation from  the Coordination Unit in consultation with the ISAs) and have a high level of experience in domains relevant to the Transition Fund’s objectives and in the MENA region (the ROE includes a significant number of experts from the region or based in the region).

The ROE is not a full-time entity or a governing body but makes recommendations on submitted proposals as input for decisions to be taken by the Steering Committee. The experts on the roster are hired and compensated through the Coordination Unit for services rendered.
The cost of the expert’s participation is borne by the Budget allocated by the Steering Committee to the Coordination Unit and is based on the World Bank’s applicable policies and procedures, including guidelines for selection and employment of consultants.