Beneficiary Countries and Recipient Entities

Recipient entities in beneficiary countries include in principle all levels of government, judicial bodies, central banks, other state agencies and parliaments from Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen. Activities eligible for TC-Execution include all recipient entities as defined above, with the exception of parliaments or, when on an exceptional basis, transition countries request that specific projects or components of projects are ISA-executed. Proposals approved for Parliaments are ISA-executed. All ISA-executed proposals require written transition country consent.

For TC-executed activities, the recipient entity (or designated authority) enters into a legal agreement with the designated ISA for the transfer of funds. The recipient entity shall implement the project in accordance with the policies and procedures of the designated ISA and reports on progress and financial reports in accordance with ISA requirements.

All proposals to be submitted by recipient entities have to be coordinated by designated Ministries in each transition country. Contacts of transition country designated Ministry representatives are provided below.


Ramy Afifi

Progam Coordinator for International Financial Institutions and the MENA Transition Fund

Ministry of International Cooperation

Cairo, Egypt




Saleh Al-Kharabsheh

Director General

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

Amman, Jordan



Esam Garbaa

Director of Internatinal Cooperation

Ministry of Plnning

Tripoli, Libya

Email: or



Abderrazak Yassir

Management and Monitoring of World Bank Relations 

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Rabat, Morocco



Ms. Kalthoum Hamzaoui

General Director of Multilateral Cooperation

Ministry of Investment & International Cooperation

Tunis, Tunisia




Mohammed AlHawri

Deputy Minister

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

Sana’a, Yemen