Title Country Document Type
Improving Connectivity in the Maghreb - Morocco Project Documents
Accessing Overseas Job Opportunities for Moroccan Youth Project- Morocco Project Documents
Development of SMEs Exports Through Virtual Market Places (Morocco Activities)- Morocco Project Documents
Regional Affordable Housing Project (Morocco Activities)- Morocco Project Documents
Promoting financial inclusion via mobile financial services in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (Morocco Activities)- Morocco Project Documents
Regional Integration through Trade and Transport Corridors (Morocco Activities)- Morocco Project Documents
Local Government Support Program- Morocco Project Documents
Microfinance Development Project- Morocco Project Documents
Logismed soft project (Morocco Activities)- Morocco Project Documents
Strengthening Micro-Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth in the Informal Sector- Morocco Project Documents
New Governance Framework Implementation Support Project- Morocco Project Documents
Electricity Sector Reform Programmatic Technical Assistance- Libya Project Documents
Finance and Private Sector Development Technical Assistance - Libya Project Documents
Leading the Way: A Leadership Capacity Building Pilot Project at the Country’s Decision-Making Level- Libya Project Documents
SME Strategy Development- Libya Project Documents
Jordan Economic Legislation Reform - Jordan Project Documents
Support Jordan’s ongoing decentralisation efforts by promoting good governance and open government policies and practices with a focus on municipalities- Jordan Project Documents
Supporting Jordan to improve SME policy effectiveness through better coordination, consultation, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms- Jordan Project Documents
Towards inclusive and open governments: Promoting women’s participation in parliaments and policy-making (Jordan Activities)- Jordan Project Documents
Leveraging Regulatory Reforms to Advance Financial Inclusion (Jordan Activities)- Jordan Project Documents