Apply for Funding


Technical cooperation under the Transition Fund should be country-owned, therefore TC-executed proposals and ISA-executed proposals, should be submitted by the designated ministry of the transition country (except proposals for parliaments should be submitted by the parliament, with the endorsement of the designated Ministry). All funding proposals are submitted in response to a Call for Proposals issued by the Steering Committee. Proposals seeking financing from the Transition Fund are to contain the following: 
  • A completed application form and a results framework outlining concrete outputs and outcomes;

  • A written endorsement from the designated ISA (and from the transition country’s designated ministry in the case of ISA-Execution for parliaments).  The ISA endorsement should state that its normal policies and procedures have been followed, as applicable to the point of finalization of project preparation. The ISA endorsement should be accompanied by its relevant project document in the ISA’s standard format, which will reflect the application of those policies and procedures through to finalization; and
  • A completed Summary Sheet in Arabic and English.
Proposals should be submitted by the designated Ministry of the transition country or parliament in a transition country to the Coordination Unit electronically at and should contain all the documents outlined above.  For regional proposals, each transition country submits a proposal that is coordinated with the other proposal(s).

The Operations Manual is an important governing and guiding document of the Transition Fund and all applicants are encouraged to read through it in detail.